The Micro Brewery - Complete 40 pint Home Brewing System - Pale, Amber or IPA


Contains: Your choice of Premium Beer kit (select below from Pale, Amber or IPA), Barrel with Pin Valve Cap (for carbonation), 33Ltr Fermenting bin + airlock, Paddle, Syphon, Steriliser Cleaner, Hydrometer, Thermometer, Trial Jar (for use with Hydrometer), 1 Gas charger + injector.

Absolutely everything you need to make and store a great beer right off the bat. All the equipment will serve you for many beers to come, you just need to get some more CO2 cartridges for pressurising the keg for future beers.

Note: Take a hydrometer reading just before you pitch your yeast, after the malt and water is thoroughly mixed. This will be your original gravity.
It also helps to oxygenate the wort pre-fermentation by giving it a very vigorous stir for about 15 minutes.

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