UBUNTU Fairtrade Cola 330ml


The first Fair trade cola in the UK

Ubuntu Cola was the first cola in the UK to get the Fairtrade Mark (back in 2007) and it fizzes with Fairtrade sugar from the Kasinthula Cooperative in Malawi and from the Kaleya Cooperative in Zambia. This means that every time you drink an Ubuntu Cola you are directly taking part in the Fairtrade movement – contributing to long term development and real opportunities for African communities.

Great refreshing taste

We tried lots of different recipes to get exactly the flavour we were looking for– a completely new, great tasting and refreshing cola, made with real cane sugar. We wanted a cola with personality and a great flavour that people would love to drink.

We took the recipes to lots of people in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester and eventually everyone agreed we had found the right one.

We think we must have done our homework well, as now people are drinking Ubuntu Cola in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and Belgium!

That's the great taste of Ubuntu.

Each year We'll give at least 15% of our profits to our Ubuntu Africa Programme

Ubuntu is a give-and-take concept and we passionately believe in sharing our success with the people who are the very soul of the company : the farmers and their families growing the sugar cane, and the people of Malawi.

The money will be used to

  1. Support the sugar producers and their communities
  2. Encourage projects showing real entrepreneurship and creative ways to tackle poverty

Ubuntu Africa Programme

So the more you enjoy our great tasting, thirst quenching Ubuntu Cola, the better things should get. That's what it's all about.

Do you love the taste of Ubuntu?

We love hearing from people who have discovered Ubuntu Cola. Tell us what you think of the Ubuntu idea and see what's going on by joining our facebook group.

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