Brew Belt


An essential item in the homebrewers arsenel for the Winter months. The belt can be wrapped around a medium to large bucket / fermentation vessel or two demijohns and will maintain an appropriate level of warmth continously when plugged in.

Your fermentation temperature must not drop below 15°C (ideally no lower than 17°C) unless you are making lager, which ferments for longer, or else your yeast may drop out of suspension an you will get a stuck fermentation. The brew belt is a good safeguard against this happening. However, do not insulate the vessel as well as use the brew belt. If you do this, your fermentation temperature will be too high, which causes the yeast to produce other types of alcohols and chemicals which are more toxic (and are much more likely to cause headaches).

The ideal fermentation temperature is generally between 17.5°C and 20°C

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